Productively Resolve Conflict

Dr. Meg Myers Morgan is a highly-sought-after keynote speaker who has spoken to countless audiences domestically and internationally.

Meg speaks to audiences about how to revolutionize their everyday conversations--whether over dinner with a friend or during a tough negotiation at work--through a three-step process of considering, clarifying, and confronting. Meg shows her audience how to consider their personal stake in every conversation. She provides sure-fire ways to ask powerful, clarifying questions to get at the heart of any conflict. And finally, she examines the elements of conflict resolution to show how productively confronting others is simpler than it seems.


Meg's talk uses research, personal experience, case studies, and laugh-out-loud commentary to help her listeners better understand themselves and how they relate to others. To view her TED Talk, click here. To schedule Meg, please click below.

NOTE: A variety of keynote samples (live and virtual)

and references are available upon request. 


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