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this woman had us laughing and crying."

Dr. Meg's talk on negotiation, based on her best-selling book Everything is Negotiable, has been showcased at the Pennsylvania Women's Conference--with headliners Tina Fey and former New Zealand Prime Minister Dame Jacinda Arden--, TEDx, and numerous national conferences alongside speakers such as Carla Harris and MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski.

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"Her talk was incredible - one the best I’ve experienced at a conference, maybe ever."

-Julia S.

Pennsylvania Women's Conference attendee

"When we were thinking of speakers to come talk to our executives, there was only one person I thought of. She has impacted my life in ways that I will never be able to truly articulate. I could see the leaders in the room having the same experience I did five years ago when I first heard her talk about being in leadership. This woman had us laughing and crying."

-Kristina Ellis

National Head Start Association

"Dr. Meg is a dynamic, thoughtful, hilarious, and engaging speaker who leaves the audience with a clear set of actions that can be immediately applied to the workplace and everyday life.”   

-Marcia Davies
Mortgage Bankers Association

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