"I didn't just read this book, I clung to it. " - @Thats_What_She_Read

"Case studies of successful negotiations permeate the text, offering a solid road map for readers. Great advice for self-reflection and having our personal and professional needs met." -Library Journal

"[Morgan] shows us how to get out of our own way and negotiate what we need to succeed in the moment and over time."- Deborah M. Kolb, PhD., author of Negotiating at Work and The Shadow Negotiation
"Put equal parts Nora Ephron and Dale Carnegie in a blender. Hit frappe. Enjoy the results. The name of this creation is'Everything is Negotiable.' Consume immediately." - Jeff Martin, Founder of Magic City Books and the editor of The Customer is Always Wrong: The Retail Chronicles, and author of My Dog Ate My Nobel Prize
"Dr. Morgan's mix of personal experience from her life and experience as a professor and mentor are insightful, thought-provoking and often hilarious.  I find myself going back to the 'Five Tactics to Negotiate for your Life' again and again." -- Kathy Taylor, former Tulsa Mayor 

"                             " - Manhattan Book Review


Surprising ways women leave opportunities for happiness on the table, and how to negotiate better terms in life, love, and work. 

Career development expert Dr. Meg Myers Morgan, deconstructs our preconceived notions about adulthood, parenthood, and career paths and illuminates how they can limit us. Drawing from her experiences personally mentoring and professionally coaching her graduate students, raising her kids, and achieving success in her own career, this is a must-read for high-potential women balancing work and life. Chock full of powerful advice, case studies, and laugh-out-loud stories, this humorous yet commanding book will inspire you to clarify goals, overcome doubts, achieve work life balance, and set the terms for the life you want.

"I read How to Nail Your Interview and Negotiate Your Salary as a way to prepare myself for an upcoming interview (spoiler alert: I nailed the interview!). Her content is a powerhouse of practical guidance."

-Lydia Moore

This jam-packed ebook will help you nail the interview, land the job, and negotiate your salary. Dr. Meg Myers Morgan has helped hundreds of people prepare for their interviews and negotiate higher starting salaries. Her succinct advice and insightful exercises will expertly prepare you for your interview and tell you exactly what to say when asking for more money. You'll walk away from this ebook empowered to land the job and get the salary you deserve. 

"Harebrained is all about connections between community, family, and life's slings and arrows. It's hilarious, easy reading and it's accessible to all as an example of the autobiographical essay form at its best."
Midwest Book Review

"Morgan is a lovable narrator with the gift of story telling, never failing to entertain the reader with her relatable struggles and side splitting commentary."

-Red City Review

"A delightfully humorous collection, Morgan's observations are sharp, incisive and often very funny. What makes the book most effective is her candidness and honesty. The writing is breezy and light at times, but Morgan's collection covers the gamut of emotions, making the book more moving and effective, and gives the humor extra weight." 

-SP Review

Winner of the gold medal in humor from the Independent Publisher Book Awards, this collection of humorous slice-of-life essays explores one woman's career path as she embraces motherhood, marriage, graduate school, job searching, and life's every day ups and downs. This insightful, irreverent, and candid book contains more than thirty bite-sized chapters about the successes, the failures, and the opportunities for laughter in the life of a modern woman.
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