Executive Coaching.

Dr. Meg Myers Morgan is trained and certified in Executive and Leadership Coaching from Columbia University. She has expertise in strategic planning, organizational culture and health, and team dynamics. She specializes in helping female leaders clarify focus,

leverage strengths, and extend influence. Read below to find out more.

Why Coaching?

Coaching is an exploratory process that allows you to gain capacity and develop professionally. Coaching is a unique relationship because it provides a sounding board, personal mentor, and professional advisor in one. Clients often find it more beneficial to speak candidly with a coach, rather than with their bosses or those they supervise, about professional challenges and opportunities. But beyond having an objective outsider, coaching allows for deep and meaningful exploration that can help you overcome self-doubt, clarify your short- and long-term goals, define your leadership style, and develop a strong sense of the impact you'd like to make. 

What Does the Coaching Process Look Like?

Coaching begins with an agenda, or topic, that you'd like to work on. For some, that's extremely specific--to get a promotion, for example. For others, it's more broad, such as to develop more confidence as a leader, or to plan the next five years in their career. Each coaching session is one hour in length and takes place over Zoom. Most clients elect to meet twice a month, though weekly may be more appropriate given the topic. During the session, Dr. Morgan uses Columbia University's structured exploratory process to guide the discussion, though you won't interpret it as anything but an engaging conversation. Most contracts are six months to a year in length, but clients usually experience insights and make substantial progress within a couple of sessions. Those who contract with Dr. Morgan individually sign a contract for a specific amount of time (depending on the work needed), and are billed monthly. Clients whose coaching is underwritten by their companies are invoiced upfront for the full amount.

How do I get started?

If you are interested in working together, please send her an email to set up an introductory phone call.


"Meg speaks the language of women who want to live their best lives. She understands our challenges and barriers, and she has incredible insight into what it takes to become successful in your personal and professional life. Meg helped me discover my inner strength to accomplish things I had only begun to imagine. I was nervous about leaving behind a traditional (but stable) life in pursuit of starting my own business and moving to Los Angeles. Through her coaching, I realized I was hesitating because of barriers I had placed on myself and that I have what it takes to be successful. Today, I still live in LA, have a growing business with offices on each coast, and I am thoroughly happy with my life choices." 

-Kristin Messerli

Founder and CEO, Cultural Outreach Solutions

"Meg's guidance encouraged me to take a major next step in my career that ultimately ended with my becoming a CEO. Without her willingness to challenge me to acknowledge my strengths and qualifications, I may not have taken that next step into an incredibly rewarding career."
 -Julie Davis
CEO, YWCA of Tulsa
"Some people will tell you what you think they should do professionally, but not many people listen to what you want. Meg listened. Then she coached me to go after everything I wanted. I walked away from every conversation with her believing in myself more and having a clear picture of where I was headed in my career. Everyone needs someone like Meg in their corner."
-Maggie Hoey
Executive Director, Tulsa Young Professionals
"By helping me clarify what I want and know what I’m good at, Meg helped me negotiate for opportunities that propel me forward in my professional life. I’ve always been afraid to put a stake in the ground when it comes to my career. I’m interested and passionate about so many different things, how can I choose/limit myself to just one path? Meg helped me see how to mold the career and role that I want in most any position I find myself in."
 -Cassandra Rigsby
Director, Ronnie K. Irani Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth 
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